Hey Everyone,

So for week #1 of my fitness journey, I decided to take it real slow and just focus on what I was eating (or not eating). I started to do calorie counting, imperfectly at first, and was just mindful of sleep and food overall.

I realize when I jump fully into this in the past, I end up not doing anything and fall apart after the first couple of weeks. The goal this time is to just ease into it, starting on the bike this weekend along with some walks to go hand in hand with better food options.

This week I also incorporated ginger shots, and started each morning with vegan Oats Overnight with oat milk and having the goal of staying full on water / tea / veggies throughout the day to avoid processed food for snacking.

I’m feeling much better this week, and am sleeping better as well. Overall though, it feels great to just be making progress on something I’ve been trying to do for years and years.

I’m realizing just how much I’ve learned as well, about fitness and nutrition over the years from hiring and working with trainers and coaches over the years. Turns out I learned alot more than I thought! So it’s been great validation that it hasn’t all been for naught. Whether it’s knowing the right approach to take getting into this (again), or how to handle macros and what to focus on with nutrition daily.

I only had one 4 hour stretch where I really blew it food wise :p giving into cravings but this time around I’m not beating myself up – it’s going to happen and this isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon so pacing is important but cravings are going to be part of that and it’s ok. I find in this, from a mental level, I’m much healthier than I have been in the past. I’m happy, the family is happy, and that makes everything from what I eat to how I sleep go better. Inner peace needs to be where this starts, which has a spiritual connection as well, and that’s what will make this sustainable.

So…..the big question? HOW MUCH DID I WEIGH THIS MORNING? Well, the start of this week I was at 342.7 and I’m now at 338.5 so I’m down 4.2 pounds! Goal was 3 pounds, so this was exciting. I’m sure it is tied to water loss and inflammation along with weight itself, but just seeing the number go down was a real thrill. It won’t always be a 4.2 pound week, but this week it was and that’s exciting to see this work.

Next week I start working out 1-2 times a day, tracking calories better, and incorporating multimedia (videos, etc) to bring folks more into my journey.

A big thanks to all the friends and family that have encouraged me this week, as I couldn’t do this without ya’ll!

Onto week #2