In May of 2003, I weight 265 pounds and decided I needed to do something about that. It was the end of my sophomore year in college, and I was fed up with the weight. I was staying in Pullman, WA that summer to work my IT job at WSU during the summer. This left me with alot of free time, as Pullman is a ghost town during the summer. However, I did have a friend who wanted to hit the gym with me 6 days a week, and I decided to try the south beach diet (not remembering why exactly) for the nutritional component.

In 4 months, I got down to about 190 pounds such that by the time school started again, everyone noticed.

That’s a-lot of weight to lose in a short period of time, and I’ve come to learn it wasn’t healthy to lose that much all at once but I was pretty proud I was able to pull it off. As school started again though, the workouts dropped off, and I was up to around 210 by December. When I got married in 2006, I was at about 230 give or take.

From 2006 to 2020, I gained an additional 123 pounds which puts me at 343 pounds in change which is where I’m at today.

How did this happen? Well, it was quite a ride.

  • 2006 to 2010 – I weathered a brutal recession and a job that had me sitting all the time. Attempts to head to the gym or cut back, were offset by long commutes (1+ hrs a day both ways) and fatigue at what I was working through personally at the time. I got on anxiety meds for the first time, in order to sleep at night which greatly slowed my metabolism
  • 2010 to 2013 – Traveled all over the US and beyond. Lots of consulting dinners, drinks, etc plus ongoing anxiety around life, my job, etc
  • 2013 to 2015 – Long nights helping get startup #1 going which meant late nights and lots of work.
  • 2015 – Startup #1 not working out, scrambled to land new consulting gig along with kid #1 coming into the world.
  • 2016 – Left consulting to help launch start-up #2, more late nights and long hours trying to get company off the ground.
  • 2017 – Startup didn’t work, left to go work at Amazon along with kid #2 arriving. Brutal work schedule, on top of two young kids at home.
  • 2019 – Left Amazon to move back to eastern Washington, be close to family, and rid myself of the unhealthy lifestyle and anxiety while focusing in on the things in life that really matter
  • 2020 – Free of anxiety, living out in the country close to family, finding new opportunities to help the ag world with data analytics, ready to take myself on and get fit again

It’s been a real rollercoaster since 2006. I’ve had a lot of great experiences, but they all cost a good deal as far as my health was concerned. Some people can do it all, and manage to keep their health at the forefront. For me, I let it slip for too long and it cost me dearly.

I’ve certainly had a lot of false starts, joining gyms and hiring coaches along with trainers. I have a bad back, so it’s been a real challenge to push myself along with dropping the ball along the way for reasons that probably had more to do with me just not being ready to take myself on in a way that needed to happen to really make this happen for me. The thousands I’ve probably spent over a 13 year period between gyms and coaches of various kinds didn’t do much to move the needle, which was just proof you have to focus on your mental health and not just your physical health to make big changes like this.

So it’s 2021 now, and I’ve gotten to a good place personally and professionally, free of all the stuff that had previously gotten in the way of really focusing on my fitness.

My goal now, is to lose 150 pounds in 18 months or less. This is going to come from a focus on nutrition (tracking food, watching what I eat, tracking macros, etc), mental health (yoga / meditation / deep breathing exercises), and fitness (cardio and strength training, along with walks ramping up slowly over time). The most important part though, is accountability and encouragement – that’s where you all come in!

My success during the summer of 2003 came from having a buddy I was accountable to, to head to the gym with. It won’t work quite like that this time, but if you’re still reading this, you’re already willing to invest in my journey. What I can use from you is to ask how it’s going if you see me, follow along as I post content on how it’s going, and just help me keep this at the forefront. There’s been plenty of attempts to do this in the past, but it’s been too easy to let my progress slide and worsen my condition. I’m confident if I hear this from enough people, it’ll help on the toughest of days which there will no doubt be.

As I go, I’ll be posting progress in various places online you can follow along from

  • Will be posting weekly reflections on my journey via my blog at as well as how I’m progressing. This should show up on my Facebook profile when I post as well, if you follow me there.
  • My Peloton username is danmaycock, if you want to bike with me virtually
  • You can follow me at MyFitnessPal at dmaycock01 if you want to see how I’m progressing weight wise.
  • Will be posting montage videos from time to time via TikTok at @dan_maycock and Instagram at danmaycock01 because it’s the best way to bring in the multimedia love as well as showcase my changing health over time, including weigh ins etc.

I’m not trying to become famous online or anything here, but know the more I throw out there, the more motivating it is for me to put points on the board as a way to reflect on what I’m doing as well as hopefully encourage others battling their battles as well. If I’m going to do it, might as well maximize the benefit to hopefully help others too.

A special thanks to Brian and the team at Oats Overnight for helping “sponsor me” along the way with some oats!

My official “start” day is tomorrow, at 5 am with the first workout to kick things off as well as starting food tracking, starting weight.

So that’s it! Excited to jump into this journey, and thank you all for being a part of it. Have any questions or comments about what I’m doing, you can always ping me at