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Month: October 2012

Passion & Purpose

Regardless of what career you have, or what you’re doing, it’s hard to really get results without passion & purpose for why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s important than, to re-examine your motives on a daily basis and ask why it is you’re doing what you’re doing. There are practical reasons to achieve things, but your career is building something for someone. Just surviving means you’re depriving the company, because you’re not giving it your all – this is why overqualified people often get passed over for jobs, because the employer knows a half committed person won’t last and won’t contribute 100%. If you’re in a situation where you feel like you don’t have a choice, it’s a choice to stay comfortable because the alternative choices means having to do a lot of growth in a short period of time. Perhaps You don’t like your office job, but worry about hustling enough to make it in a start-up, having to cold call and be persistent to sell an idea or passion you have. Perhaps you turn down management positions because you’re afraid of having people report to you.

The truth is the world is full of millions of mechanisms to achieve what it is you really want, and if you’re in a place right now in your life where you’re unhappy – you’re choosing to accept it and stay there. Though there may be more temporary pain to endure until things in a new direction settle out, living a life without purpose is far worse than unemployment or even bankruptcy. Fear & security are usually the tools jobs use against us to keep us in the place of acceptance of the circumstances we’re in, but what kind of existence is that? We are called by something bigger in life to make a difference, and the people that align their gifts and talents to that bigger than life version overcome every obstacle in their way to conquer and achieve success. Money isn’t the end all, but it’s a tool you can use to keep yourself trapped (“I don’t have enough!”) or use it to break free and make a difference (“I really believe in X, here’s a check”). Never mistake your job for your career, because a job just gets you a livable wage – a career is aligned with what you care most about and are motivated to wake up every morning and do. If you’re doing what you’re most passionate about, you’ll be successful at it naturally. It won’t be something you have to work on, it won’t be something you have to force yourself to do, instead you’ll go to work and just be successful out of the passion and drive you have to do your job.

Today consider what it is keeping you in your current position – are you here because of debt? Are you ever going to break free of debt without making the big change or giving up creature comforts in the short term to get there? Once Debt is gone, what will you be free to do? It’s usually fear that keeps us tied to a job because of debt, but it’s a system of numbers manufactured for exchanging goods – it has as much power over you as you chose to give it. Breaking free means you disassociate reasons with the dollar, and realize that there’s bigger things at risk than defaulting on a loan if you allow your life to stay trapped because you’re afraid of what happens if you leave this situation and this life for a life of purpose and meaning, working to cure the debt in an aggressive method, and moving into a future that is more fulfilling and having purpose.

Remember that in life, you’re in the place you chose to be. Decisions you made got you to where you are today, and it’s no ones fault but yours that you’re in the situation your in – regardless of what happened to you, you chose how to react to it. Even the most horrific crimes committed against someone, there are stories of forgiveness and reconciliation. If you forgive someone, it doesn’t mean you’ve told the world it’s ok what they did, it means you’re tired of having that chain around your neck and you’re ready to move on. If it’s a lack of forgiveness keeping you in chains, if there’s family members you had a falling out keeping you in the place you’re in, it’s time to forgive them and stop holding yourself prisoner to the circumstances that brought you here.

Once you make room in your heart & life for the things you’re passionate about, you’ll have more space to focus on the things that bring passion & purpose to your life. You’ll be more successful doing those things, you’ll be more successful and profitable doing those things, and you’ll be sold out to something bigger than yourself. We are here to make the world a better place, regardless of what circumstances you’re born into or currently live in. Religious or not, people pretty much agree on benefiting humanity being a clear priority for people. It’s time you step up to the plate, clear the past, and get clear on why you’re here, and what you want to do with the very limited time you have left. A life lived in purpose, is a life worth living.

What’s New is Old

There’s a phrase that history repeats itself, dating back thousands of years to the phrase “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” and the phrase is pretty spot on when you consider events like trying to attack Russia in the winter (Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler) or fighting a foreign army in their own country for control of the government, with an ocean in between you and them (American Revolutionary War, Vietnam, Afghanistan both times).

Often times in technology, it seems that people talk about the next great thing and how technology has changed mankind forever. If that were the case though, things should be getting better as the technology improves, because technology is a tool and people have more tools at their disposal. People though, take a lot longer to change, and when left up to their own devices – People can do some pretty rotten things. Much like Porn is often the great early adopter of new technologies (Phonograph, VHS, DVD, Internet, etc), criminals are often the most hard working when it comes to bending new technologies to their will, and often have the means to stay one step ahead of ruling bodies, because there’s people on both sides and people love money & power, regardless of what side they’re fighting for.

At any point in history, when we look at new technology, people used it at some point shortly after it was created to get their way – whether it’s medieval kings conquering nations with military advancements, or governments using drones to monitor & assassinate foreign terrorist leaders. However, there are times in history when real leaders stand up and stand for something which galvanized the will of man to do good – even if it was only one group, and only for a short period of time.

Even with technological superiority, evil can’t always trump that human will – because people in that time rediscover their own humanity, and help push the needle back the other way. Repression turns to rebellion, plutocracy turns into protest, and the corrupt forces that work to turn mankind towards a self-seeking purpose fall by the wayside because no one likes being forced to work for someone else. This is the great failsafe often build into technology, it’s only as good as the system is maintained, and a system can only be maintained as long as there are people willing to keep it running.

With the threat of big brother government stepping in, those that feel the world is being forcibly controlled by the rich don’t realize how frail our systems are, and how futile money is if ever people decided not to buy things from the people selling. The rich stay rich, because people don’t think it’s a big enough priority to change what they’re doing to dismantle the 1%. All the 99% would have to do is open small businesses, pay the taxes they have to pay, and only buy from locally owned & operated companies long enough for shareholder-controlled enterprises to completely panic and change the way they do business, not to mention the politicians that wouldn’t get elected because they listened to lobbyists instead of their own electorate.

I’m all for government, and I’m not for any kind of forcible conflict or change through warfare/rioting – This can be done 100% legally and peacefully – What I am for, is people taking responsibility for the situation we’ve found ourselves in. Children are overweight because they’re eating the wrong food, people are not making money because they’re doing the wrong kind of work, and America is is debt because it keeps borrowing money. The sad thing is, things aren’t bad enough yet that people are willing to make the changes necessary to reverse the course, because we’re being fed enough bread and watching enough circuses that Rome can burn around us and we’re cool with that. The thing about history repeating itself though, is that a new way of doing things will arise from the ashes of Rome, and we’ll be another chapter in the history books of great nations that fell asleep at the wheel because we were the frog slowly cooking in the pot, because those in power are awfully good at keeping the followers just alive enough to not put up a fight.

People tell me they don’t like either candidate running for office, but it turns out it’s not too late for a third candidate to run for office and get elected – there’s no winner by default in the US Presidential election, so if people really care about change then just don’t vote for either candidate , because good enough isn’t good enough – don’t settle for someone applies to presidents like it does for spouses. You’re wanting change, a country that does good, and a nation that repairs roads and fixes obesity then elect people that honestly are going to do that – Where there’s smoke there is fire, and I keep hearing from people that the scent is overwhelming this year.

You want change – Vote for a candidate you really believe will make a difference, or write in “Someone else” in your presidential ballot this year, and tell other people to do the same – You have more technology to spread the word at your fingertips than any other generation in history and can make a difference more powerful than Ghandi, Alexander the Great, or Aristotle. All you have to do is decide, like they did, to do something different and decide to bring others along with you.

Change happens the same way it always does, people decided they want a change then they get others rallied up to do the same, and change happens. If you don’t see change, be the change you want to see happen and don’t let another election go by without standing up for the life you’re telling everyone you wish you had. History only goes one way – backwards – and we have alot to draw on, regarding people that didn’t care enough to change before change was forced on them. Let’s be a milestone & not a caution for generations to come, because it’s not too late – It just takes a vote.

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